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Position : Weblogic Oracle Candidate

Duration : 1 Year

Location : New York

Posted by Panzer Solutions

Job Description

Must Haves:

- Experience with multi-tier enterprise web applications integrated with legacy systems through an enterprise service bus (ESB ... DataShare).

- Experience with centralized authentication systems (AAA - Authentication, Authorization and Accounting).

- Demonstrable experience with performance testing and tuning of multi-tier web apps. (i.e. not just they read the load runner reports but they actually fixed the problem).

- Demonstrable experience with programming Java web applications.


- Experience with institutional systems. (e.g. Social Services, Medical, Insurance, etc. Industries where data loss or corruption is a serious problem. Facebook handles millions of posts every day but if they lose your favorite cat picture... oops... and they move on).

- Current Experience with Oracle Database 11g or 12c. (be careful, when you say Oracle a lot of recruiters will just match with any Oracle product... be specific about Oracle Database and the versions).

- Current experience with Oracle WebLogic 11g or 12c (same, be specific about WebLogic and the versions).

- Experience with WebSpehere MQ (DataShare)

- Experience with LoadRunner

- Experience with LoadRunner TruClient

- Experience working with distributed teams.

Other Details

Salary0 to 0
Years of Experience 5+ to 10 years
Minimum Education -
Functional Area-
Functional Role-
Willingness to Travel-
Hours per week0