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Position : Java Developer

Duration : 6 Months

Location : Missouri

Posted by Panzer Solutions

Job Description

They are doing Agile / Scrum for the most part. They are looking at automating, using Jenkins and Cucumber in CIC pipeline. A lot of pushing their code (Springboot), pushing Pivitol Cloud, historically have done SOAP but moving into REST API’s. They still have things that they still need to support there. They’re converting those services into the Cloud, Mule, Springboot Pivotal Foundation.

Looking for people that can be leaders, not just do their specific work. They have contractors who’ve been around for a long time and have subject matter expertise.

Top Skills:

1. Java 8 / Springboot

2. RESTful API’s

3. Automation (Jenkins or equivalent)

a. They are looking for people that have the experience around DevOps. They do have people today more focused on the testing part, but they’re trying to get away with that so that everyone does it. If they don’t have the Cucumber experience, that’s probably the least important piece of it, but they’re looking for people who can build their code, put it into the Jenkins pipeline.

They do not do any user interface stuff, so not looking for people doing Web Apps.

Interview Process:

- They will do a phone interview first (30 mins to 1 hour) with Dan and a technical guy on the team.

- 2nd round would be Skype or F2F for about an hour and will loop in technical people to get their opinion.

3-5 years’ experience minimum (at least 3 years).

Other Details

Salary0 to 0
Years of Experience 5+ to 10 years
Minimum Education -
Functional Area-
Functional Role-
Willingness to Travel-
Hours per week0