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Position : Enterprise Architect

Duration : 6 Months

Location : Michigan

Posted by Panzer Solutions

Job Description

Enterprise Architect

Profile & Description

We are embarking on a major restructuring of a system that conducts over 4
billion dollars of business per year. We are also building Web base UI
using RIA techniques and REST/JSON. The DevOps group is responsible for
providing the tools and support necessary to help our core development teams
manage, promote, and release this software. They are also responsible for
working with our infrastructure group to plan operational support including
collaborative processes for promotion of build artifacts into secure
Our environment includes a wide mix of J2EE, Oracle, WebLogic, VMWare,
message buses and Openstack. We are moving towards a hosting model closer
to that scripted build out and release onto operational pre-hardened OS
images with specified capacity provided by our operations group. Many of
our build, release and artifact management processes must be upgraded to
work in this new mode. We cannot transition everything all at once so
charting a path with incremental upgrades will be critical.
This Enterprise Architect reports to the Lead Enterprise Architect and
extends their ability to research problems, designs and opportunities at a
greater depth. They will provide guidance, collaboration and mentoring for
Dev leads of individual teams who generally act as the solution architect
for that projects. They may be required to step into specific projects to
supply additional management, coding and engineering capacity as needed to
make projects successful.
Our Architects spend a lot of time interacting with business users, PMO and
product managers. They must be able to receive ambiguous input from many
sources, synthesize the true underlying root cause problems and then sell
all participants on alternative approaches when needs.
We believe in Architects who are great engineers and who still write a lot
of code. Our Enterprise architects must have a breadth of knowledge from
web scale businesses as they will be guiding the transition into these
techniques over time. They must be able to code in several languages and
cannot be a single stack specialist. They must be first and foremost
experts in distributed systems with a heavy focus in conversational
semantics for large scale distributed systems. In some instances, they
will be required to sit down and build prototypes demonstrating complex
solutions as one of their communication tools. They must understand the
entire stack from the edge routers through the fully installed application
and a great understanding of where it makes sense to place functionality in
that stack. They must have the ability and inclination to dive into any
component of that stack and rapidly become an expert able to help diagnose
problems that may occur in that stack.

We are moving towards an internal private cloud but want to shift towards
development and hosting architectures compatible with spinning up entire new
silos using leased open stack capacity so deep experience deploying complex
applications in the public could will be very helpful.
This is an evolving stack so you need to have a love of learning new tools,
new languages and radical new ways of thinking about the intersection
between Development and operations. You need to be passionate about
webscale technologies as applied to scale growing businesses.
The Enterprise Architects provide deep design reviews and are quite often
used as the final code review especially for important modules. They are
the gate keeps to ensure what we build does not incur inappropriate
technical debt.
* Reviews, provides input and approves the technical platform
architecture and data architecture
* Responsible to define and oversee implementation of production
environments required to support the product
* Responsible to review and approve understand key technical
processes, standards and software architectures used to develop, implement
and support Roosevelt.
* Understanding and approval of software products and tools for the
* Works with the Technical Principal, Development Manager and PMO to
define the platform technical architecture
* Collaborate with Engineering leads to find opportunities to improve
speed, reduce technical debt, improve flexibility, etc.

Skills Include
* Excellent communication skills with the ability to solicit and
formalize requirements and work with end users/customers.
* Ability to work in a semi-structured environment where requirements
and priorities are dynamic.
* Experience with agile development methodology.
* Understanding Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR). Analysis and
redesign of workflows in an organization to optimize business processes as
it related delivering software faster and at lower cost
* Must be able to code in at least 4 programming languages
* At least 5 years as solution architect.
* At least 3 years as principal Engineer / SDE
* At least 3 years as application lead
* Extensive knowledge designing REST/JSON interfaces.
* Extensive experiencing designing and implementing complex schema.
* Extensive experience refactoring complex schema.
* J2SE and related Stack
* J2EE and related stack including EJB and web servers. Solid Java
development skills with 7+ years J2EE experience.
* Expert in Share nothing and other web scale architecture.
* Experience designing and maintaining large scale batch processing
* Expert in high performance javascript for RIA
* Expert in parsing and transform using languages like Python.
* Experience with large scale transform and analyze using tools like
Hadoop, Spark, Map reduce.
* Working with Dev teams to deliver touch zero change binary
deployments. Continuous Integration tools, Jenkins Administration, Jenkins
Docker as well as Jenkins HA skills.
* Resolve complex problems with Merging, Branching and Configuration
Management of SCM system
* Database migration scripting
* Database dice & slice scripting
* Database strategy to deploy breaking changes with minimum
* Conversant and able to use at least 4 programming languages.
* Written parser for files of complexity equal or greater than EDI 834
in at least 2 different languages.
* Object-oriented and service-oriented design concepts, including
knowledge of data transfer objects and associated design patterns.
Highly Desirable:
* At least 5 years as Principal Architect or Enterprise Architect
* Has written at least 20,000 lines of code during last year
* Has non trivial open source projects where they have contributed
over 5,000 lines of code.
* Extensive experience using queues like Kafka to decouple complex
distributed systems.
* Extensive experience solving performance problems in complex
distributed systems.
* Extensive experience deploying applications in public cloud
* Has built complex general purpose engines in at least 2 different
* Securing web API using Open ID or other SSO technologies.
* 4+ years' experience in SQL and Oracle. Understands and can explain
when transactional semantics will limit scalability in large scale
distributed systems.
* Knowledge of UML.
* Experience in Insurance Domain
* Experience in Claims processing Domain
* Experience in Dental Claims processing Domain
* Experience in Inventory Control or Audit Domains
* Experience in HIPAA and PCI security Domain
* Experience with Webscale technologies such as Kafka, Memcache,
Riak, AWS, Shared nothing architectures.
* Experience building and deploying software onto AWS or Openstack
using Chef, Docker or similar technologies.
* When using libraries such as J2EE Soap need to understand and
verbalize how this works through the entire stack and how it could be
implemented from the ground up.
* Experience writing complex general purpose algorithms such as
databases, machine learning engines, parsers, etc.
* Writes code both at work and for fun. Has created or contributed
to open source projects.
* Experience with Test Driven Design (TDD) methodology.
* JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology knowledge and experience.
* Experience with Web Logic Portal technology.
* Good understanding and ability to explain ROI tradeoff between
System API integration tests and Unit tests and how they would make such a
decision in a budget constrained environment.
* Good understanding of junit testing and continuous integration
* Experience with Java Message Service (JMS) and Message Driven Bean
(MDB) development is preferred.
* Working knowledge of developing and deploying applications in
Weblogic portal environment.
* Understanding of Service Oriented Architecture and experience
working with web services.
* RDBMS schema refactoring experience with experience releasing
breaking changes to prod with minimal downtime.
* US Citizenship is preferred.
* Experience in the insurance industry, specifically with the health
care industry.
* Recent experience with Oracle Weblogic 10.3.x or greater.
* Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Information Systems,
Engineering or a related field or comparable work experience.

Minimum Physical Expectations:
* Physical activity that often requires extensive time working on a
* Physical activity may require lifting under 25 lbs.
* Must be able to sit, stand, walk, bend, push, and pull with or
without assistive devices
* Must have control of fine motor movements and the ability to grasp
small objects
* Physical activity that sometimes requires travel
* Specific vision abilities required include close vision, depth
perception, and the ability to adjust and focus.
* Must hear and speak well enough to conduct business over the
telephone or face to face (in English) for long periods of time.

Other Details

Salary0 to 0
Years of Experience 5+ to 10 years
Minimum Education -
Functional Area-
Functional Role-
Willingness to Travel-
Hours per week0